Worker's Compensation

Job Injuries Covered by Workers' Compensation

If you have a job-related injury, illness or health issue, you’re probably covered by worker’s compensation. It doesn't have to be an obvious physical injury, a fall or a car accident. Overuse and misuse injuries can be covered too, including carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other chronic problems.

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Serious Physical Injuries & Trauma

Injuries on the job due to a trip and fall, heavy lifting, and accidents involving machinery or other objects are some of the most common injuries on the job. 

Transportation incidents like traffic accidents are particularly common for truck and delivery drivers including public transportation drivers. While machinery accidents are more common in the  construction, manufacturing, warehousing and oil and gas industries.

Injuries are also common to first responders including firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement including the highway patrol, police and county sheriff officers.

Serious injuries may include broken bones and physical trauma that leads to knee surgery or knee replacement, neck surgery, back surgery, shoulder surgery or shoulder replacement, elbow surgery and carpal tunnel hand surgery.

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Carpal tunnel injury, tendinitis, bursitis, on the job repetitive motion injury

Office & Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Repetitive, cumulative trauma like carpal tunnel, tendonitis (damaged tendons) and bursitis (joint inflammation) are eligible for benefits. Working environments with continuous exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss, which may also qualify for workers' compensation benefits , which may include hearing aids.

Any position or motion that requires constant typing or computer work  can cause problems and pain that could be symptoms of carpal tunnel or tendonitis. Workers' comp claims from this sort of ongoing injury are not only possible, but are frequent.

Falls and improper lifting techniques are also common causes of injury. When you work in an office, you’re less likely to receive training on how to lift heavy loads, use back bracing or other safety equipment that minimizes the risk of injury.

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